Fee Schedule

Free Services

Effective: 11/2022 
  • Account history printouts
  • Audio Response Teller (ART)
  • Bill Pay Service
  • Card Replacement by Mail
  • Check copies
  • E-Statements
  • Loan Overdraft Protection from Line of Credit
  • Mobile Check Deposit Capture
  • Online banking
  • Research and Balancing Account
  • Returned Mail
  • Starter Checks
  • Statement Copies
Safe Deposit Boxes (may not be available in all branches)
Safe Deposit Key Fee $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Fee* Varies based on size
3” X 5” $30.00 per year
5” X 5” $45.00 per year
3” X 10” $55.00 per year
5” X 10” $70.00 per year
10” X 10”

$105.00 per year

Account Service Fees
Choice Checking Fee
(Without Direct Deposit of $500+)
$5.00 per month
Secure Checking Account Fee
(Daily Balance less than $500)
$5.00 per month
Secure Select Checking Account Fee $10.00 per month
Opportunity Money Market Fee
(Daily Balance less than $2,500)
$10.00 per month
Benefit Checking Fee
(Without Employer Sponsor Direct Deposit)
$10.00 per month
Business Checking Fee
(Daily Balance less than $5000)
$15.00 per month
Premier Checking Fee
(Daily Balance less than $5000)
$20.00 per month
General Fees
Cash Advance Fee
(Waived when paying a Sun Community Loan with no cash back)
  $10.00 each
Cashier’s/Official Check Fee
(Checking Account members will receive one free per month)
  $5.00 each
Check Cashing Fee
(non-member cashing SCFCU check only)
Courtesy Pay Fee   $33.00 per paid item
Currency Conversion Fee
(International use of plastic card)
  1% of transaction amount
Dormancy (Dormant for 1 year or longer)   $3.00 per month
Excess Withdrawal Fee   $1.00 per transfer
Home Equity Reconveyance Fee
(HE Loan or Home Equity LOC Payoffs)
  $239.25 each
Identity Theft Restore Fee   $2.50 per month
Legal Notice Processing   Up to $75.00 each
Mailing Paper Statements   $0.50 per month
Medallion Stamp Fee   $10.00 per stamp
Member Notary Fee   $10.00 per signature
Membership Early Closure Fee
(If closed within first 6 months of open date)
  $50.00 each
Money Order Fee   $5.00 each
(Balance inquiry included)
  $3.00 per transaction
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee   $33.00 per submission
Overdraft Protection from Share   $3.00 per transfer
Real Estate Reconveyance Fee
(Real Estate Loan Payoffs)
  $140.45 each
Returned Item Fee   $12.00 each
Signature Guarantee Fee   $10.00 per stamp
Special Card Order
(Fee varies depending on shipping method selected by member)
  $12.00 & up
Stop Payment Fee   $20.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee
(For Incoming and Outgoing)
  $25.00 each