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Have you been in the market for a credit card lately? If you are, you have most likely noticed the abundance of credit card offers that pop up as soon as you search for the term "Credit Cards" on Google.

But don’t get caught up in all the 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) hype, the true value comes after the promotions have ended and the credit card interest kicks in.

If you are planning to keep your credit card for the long run then consider this: while the average annual percentage rate on credit cards of major banks is 23%, Sun Community's credit card has a maximum APR of 11.49%. That’s half of what you’re going to pay in interest. This means switching to a Sun Community Platinum MasterCard will slash your interest payments by at least half.

Does Sun Community offer Credit Card sign up bonuses?

Absolutely! Sun Community offers 0% APR on all credit card purchases and balance transfers for an entire year! After the promotion, you’ll have a low APR of 8.49 – 11.49%, depending on your credit history.

What other perks do you get with a Sun Community Platinum MasterCard Credit Card?

We have one word for you: Rewards. With a Sun Community Platinum MasterCard, you'll earn rewards on all your purchases. Some purchases might even qualify for extra points during the holiday shopping season. Make sure to stay connected to our social media pages to stay up to date on current promotions.

After earning points you’ll have the opportunity to redeem them for cash back, gift cards, trips, and more!

When to get a Sun Community Platinum MasterCard?

This will all depend on your financial scenario but for the most part, if you have a balance on another credit card and are paying high interest rates, the best thing to do is transfer your balance and enjoy 12 months of no interest.

Another good scenario would be using your Sun Community Platinum MasterCard for a big purchase and having 12 months of no interest.

When NOT to get a Sun Community Platinum MasterCard

If you are taking advantage of another promotion that includes an interest free period there is no reason to switch (just yet). Just know that after that promotion ends you’ll be faced with a high interest charge so it is best to plan ahead to switch on time.

Conclusion: No contest.

Sun Community's Platinum MasterCard is a great all around credit card that'll give you the buying power of a big bank credit card without the big bank fees and interest rates that come with it. Transferring balances from a big bank card to Sun Community’s credit card can save you a ton of money.

Have you looked into the Sun Community Platinum MasterCard? Let us know in the comments section below. Check out more of products and services that’ll help you and your finances SHINE!

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