Consumer Loans

Auto Loans

Whether it is new or used, we offer fixed rates for all auto purchases. Low down payments, flexible terms, and the convenience of automatic transfer or payroll deduction are all benefits you can take advantage of. Perks include Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage on most vehicles.

Recreational Vehicle Loan

Longing for some fun in the sun? We can help! Let us assist you with financing a motorhome, travel trailer, motorcycle, or off-road vehicle.

Line of Credit

Establish a line of credit and you can rest assured that funds are only a phone call away. With this preauthorized credit line, you can gain account security by tying it to your checking account for coverage in case of overdrafts or emergencies.

Signature Loans

Put your good credit history to work and it may qualify you for a signature loan. Your signature and personal guarantee are the only collateral we need.

Platinum MasterCard

With the Sun Community platinum credit card, you can be confident that you have a card that benefits you. With low rates, no annual fee and all of the advantages that come with a Platinum MasterCard®, this will be your favorite card.

Credit Builder Loans

Bad credit or no credit? Not a problem! With a credit builder loan you can establish or reestablish a positive credit rating.

Share Secured Loans

By borrowing against the money in your Sun Community savings account, you can obtain a low- cost loan while earning a competitive dividend on your funds. It is often easier to repay a loan than to rebuild your savings. With a share secured loan, you can maintain your savings and build credit at the same time.

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