Scholarship Opportunity

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Major Equifax Data Breach

Equifax announced a major data breach that left 44% of the U.S population's names, date of births, social security numbers, addresses, and driver license numbers exposed for criminals to use. This could leave you vulnerable to criminals using your identity to commit other crimes or gain access to your accounts.

Palm Springs CO-OP ATM Locations

Sun Community Federal Credit Union is connected to the CO-OP Financial Services network, allowing members to access over 30,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide. Here are the nearest 5 CO-OP ATMs to your Palm Springs branch.

Message from our CEO

Dear “Sun family” members,
Thank you for your membership at Sun Community. We are in the business to serve you, your family and community...

Green Path Debt Solutions

We are proud to announce our partnership with GreenPath Debt Solutions!