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Regulation D limits

As of Thursday, July 1st, 2021, our Regulation D limits on remote transfers will re-apply. Transfers and withdrawals from your savings cannot exceed six transactions per month.

New Online Banking e-Statement Feature

To make your Online Banking experience with Sun a brighter one we are working on enhancing it by giving you additional access to up to 3 years of e-Statements online.

Message from our CEO

"As the CEO of Sun, your/our credit union has and will do all we can to support our diverse communities and foster our credit union culture that deeply values and respects diversity and inclusion…we are people first!"

Message from our CEO

Dear “Sun family” members,

Sun’s guiding principle is that we are a people first organization. As a father,
husband, and friend serving at Sun, COVID-19 has affected every part of my life. All
of us at Sun know how much you are counting on us during this time.

Green Path Debt Solutions

We are proud to announce our partnership with GreenPath Debt Solutions!