A Holiday Message From Our CEO

Writing a holiday message today is not what it once was, although there is still so much to be thankful for. As we look around at our family, friends, neighbors, a stranger put in your journey and colleagues (most remotely), maybe we feel a bit more connected through new found feelings of closeness, grace, offering space and kindness.

As we enter into the traditions of the holiday season, it is important more so than ever to reflect on the many new experiences in 2020 both the good and unfortunately the tragic. My daughter was one of the many who experienced COVID first hand, and I can only begin to imagine what many of you endured. For those of you caring for parents during this time, I empathize with you as I also have in laws with fragile health and in a care facility.

So many of you had to suddenly become teachers for your children and find daycare alternatives. However through these challenges, I am confident you are doing an amazing job stepping into your new roles… as best you can!

The anxiety, fear, emotion, and uncertainty can be daunting… and all without an instruction manual. But we have been guided this year by our hearts, family support, friends, a significant other, community, a kind word shared at just that right moment and our chosen faiths.

I am so appreciative to work alongside such a remarkable group of people here at Sun who bring value to our community and members by Changing lives, because WE CARE. Their dedication to work, tirelessly and courageously each day, ensures our Vision remains at the forefront of our member experience in the Valleys we serve. The devotion of our team and loyalty of our members are the reasons Sun continues to be successful and flourish year after year, and for that, I say Thank You!

To our members and partners, we appreciate each and every one of you, and we are thankful that you have allowed us the opportunity to serve your financial needs. Our team of professionals appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to many more years with you. I’m asked at times by those outside Sun “what sets Sun apart from the others?”, and my answer is simply, and has always been, that our entire team simply CARES with passion and compassion….People, our colleagues, is what makes the difference.

So, with all that we have experienced and felt this year, maybe we can look around and find a new joy when we see our family, friends and the ones close to us. Enjoy the beauty of the stars, the decorations, the laughter from loved ones, or a smile from a distance that warms the spirit. For we can become a blessing for others unlike any other time.

Stay well, be safe and we will get through this together…Grateful!