General Information

Banks are for-profit, meaning they are either privately owned or publicly traded, while credit unions are nonprofit institutions. Credit unions are member owned organizations which means members generally get a more personalized service, lower rates on loans, pay fewer (and lower) fees and earn higher APYs on savings products than bank customers do. Credit unions also support groups in their community and are typically more involved in the wellbeing of their community.

Anyone who lives, works, worships or volunteers in Imperial or Coachella Valley is eligible to join.

You will need to book an appointment at your nearest branch, bring in your Social Security Number, a valid ID, proof of residency, and make a minimum $5 deposit to open a savings account. View our Identification requirements.

Sun Comunity's routing number is 322275296.

Please call 760-337-4200 or go into your nearest Sun Community branch so that we can go over the transactions with you, and if needed we can assist you in filing a dispute.

Online Banking

online banking gives you access to your accounts from your mobile web browser or a downloadable mobile banking application, depending on your preference and your phone capabilities. Both options allow you to: view account balances, search transaction history and pay bills.

To get started download the Sun Community Mobile Banking App on Apple or Android platforms and enroll to receive your credentials.

Yes, you can set these up under Settings, Alerts. Alerts are not real time, you will receive alerts each morning for previous day activity.

Please login and check for any suspicious activity.
As a safety precaution you can change your login ID and password. Please call 760-337-4200 or go into your nearest Sun Community branch so that we can go over the transactions with you, and if needed we can assist you in filing a dispute.

Share ID is an additional digit Sun uses to identify if an account is a checking or savings account
Your friend or family member can find this information on their statement.

Share ID 001 = Savings and
Share ID 002 = Checking.

You may deposit your check using our mobile app, to deposit your check just tap on Menu > Transactions > Deposit Check.

No, we do not have Zelle integrated in online banking, but you can register your Sun Community Debit card to the Zelle app by downloading the Zelle app through the app store.
Please note, Zelle limits may apply.

To get started with Bill Pay, log in to Online Banking, click on the Menu Button > Transactions >  Pay bills, and follow the instructions for first-time users. First time users will need their bill pay account approved which takes up to 1 business day.

New Payees must be set up in Online Banking, but once a Payee is established, you can manage bill payments to them using either Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

We recommend that you pay bills using funds from your Checking account since it allows unlimited transactions without Federal Regulation D restrictions.

ATM/Debit & Credit Cards

Let us know by calling our Contact Center at (760) 337-4200 during regular business hours or by calling 1-800-404-3323 during non-business hours.

To activate your Debit Card, please call the number on the card’s sticker and select a PIN.

To change or customize your PIN, please call 1-866-985-2273

You can receive points with your Sun Community Platinum MasterCard.

You can redeem your points by visiting: https://www.curewards.com/login , and registering your credit card.

You can register your Sun Debit and Credit Card with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Zelle.


Choose the loan-payment method that works best for you:

  • Mobile Banking Application: Log into your Mobile Online App and click on the Menu Button > Transactions, and transfer the payment amount from your checking/savings into the loan you are looking to pay.
  • Online: Visit: www.suncommunityfcu.org/Resources/Account-Services/Pay-My-Loan
  • Phone: Dial (760) 337-4200 Ext. 5
  • Walk-in: Visit your nearest Sun Community Branch and we’ll help you pay your loan. Our branches accept cash or check payments.

A home equity loan (HE-Loan) is normally drawn out in one lump sum (a closed-end loan), while a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is used mostly as revolving credit (open-end). You can draw the entire amount at once or as needed.