Secure Savings

We know how important saving money is to our members. Our savings accounts offer a variety of dividend rates, low minimum balances, and your deposits are insured up to $250,000. Accessing your account is easy. It is conveniently available by phone through ART (Audio Response Teller), the Internet, or at thousands of ATMs nationwide. You have total control over your funds 24-hours a day. Plus, convenient services such as direct deposit, payroll deduction and automatic transfer are available to make saving even easier. You will systematically receive statements for easy record keeping.

Secure Safari

At SCFCU, our youth accounts make learning to manage money fun and easy. Parents can open a youth account with a social security card and school ID. Kids 0-12 years of age are eligible to open our Safari account. Safari members will receive rewards when deposits are made.

Secure STAR

Youth ages 13-17 are eligible to open our Star account.

Hello Summer

Hello Summer will help you save for that summer vacation. As a member you are eligible to enroll any time of the year. Dividends are paid monthly, and there is a maximum monthly deposit of $2,000. Upon maturity, June 30th, your funds are transferred to your checking account (or to savings when no checking account is established) – just in time for your summer!

Christmas Club

Save for Christmas! This account provides a convenient way to save for the holidays. Dividends are paid monthly, with no minimum deposit required, and the account’s maximum monthly deposit is $2,000. Upon maturity, October 31st, the funds are automatically transferred to your checking account (or to savings when no checking account is established) - a great beginning to the holiday season.

Super Money Market

Increase your earning potential with our competitive dividends. This higher dividend-earning account is an alternative to a certificate account. All dividends are paid monthly. Unlimited deposits and up to six withdrawals monthly are allowed with no penalties. Plus, you can take advantage of check writing capabilities.

Certificate Account

You can earn a high rate of return with flexible terms, by depositing a minimum of $500. Terms are available for as short as six months to as long as five years. Dividends are paid monthly.

IRA Account

Individual Retirement Accounts help you gain tax advantages – and who doesn’t want that? You can choose from a Traditional, Roth, Coverdell, or SEP IRAs. With a minimum of $50 to open, you receive a variable rate of return, dividends are paid monthly, and interest earned may be tax-deferred or tax-free. IRA certificate accounts are also available at fixed rates.

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