Identity Theft Security FAQs

Identity Theft

What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when a person uses your personal information and pretends to be you to access money, credit, medical care, and other benefits. Personal information may include: Government ID numbers, bank account numbers, social security, dates of birth, addresses and more.

How do I know if my identity has been stolen?

There are many signs that should trigger you to suspect that your identity might be stolen. Here are a few situations we consider to be Red Flags:

  • You receive a bill for a credit card amount that is not yours even though it is under your name.
  • Unfamiliar purchases on your bank/credit card statement. Small unfamiliar purchases are also red flags. Thieves often times start with small purchases and eventually escalate in amount.
  • You receive a new store card without having applied for one. If this happens to you, immediately contact the card company.
  • Your credit report has suspicious requests for credit that you didn’t make.
  • Your credit score is high when you last checked it, but you get denied for a loan.

What can identity thieves do with my personal information?

Identity thieves can do a lot of damage with your identity including clearing your bank account, applying for credit cards, impersonating you in order to get a job, opening a new bank account and much more.

What are some things I can do to protect my Identity?

Be careful when sharing your personal information online or in person.

  • Limit the information you share through social media.
  • If you feel uneasy about a company who requested your personal information do not give it to them.
  • Be careful when clicking on links or opening email attachments.
  • Do not use public wireless networks to check your bank accounts.
  • Make sure all your computer/mobile security software is up to date.
  • Shred all documents with sensitive information. Ex: Credit card numbers, account numbers, social security, etc.
  • Routinely check your bank statements.

If my identity is stolen, what should I do?

Gather and organize all documents needed and follow the initial steps.

  • Contact your bank and credit card companies and notify them of fraudulent activity.
  • Check with credit reference agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) and ask them to set up a fraud alert.
  • File an identity theft report with your local law enforcement agency.
  • Keep track of all conversations and paperwork throughout the case.

Debit/Credit card fraud

If fraud occurs on my account, what should I do?

Visit one of our Sun Community branches or contact our call center at 760-337-4200 so we can take appropriate actions depending on what type of fraud occurred.

How can I report a lost or stolen Mastercard Debit/Credit card?

Contact us at 760-337-4200 as soon as possible to cancel and block your card.

What should I do if I need to dispute a transaction on my account?

Please visit one of our Sun Community branches and speak with a member representative to submit a dispute.

How was my Mastercard Credit/Debit card used fraudulently when I have it in my possession?

There are many ways your credit card number may have been obtained that is out of your control as well as ours. Some possibilities may include:

  • Using the card online in a website that has been hacked
  • Using your card in stores with security vulnerabilities
  • Using your card at an illegally modified ATM.

The best thing you can do is review your transaction history regularly and report any unfamiliar purchases.

How can I protect myself against credit/debit card fraud?

  • Always be aware of where you are using your card.
  • Always check free-standing ATMs for any unusual mechanisms around the card swipe area.
  • Always be aware of the security standards of a website before purchasing an item online.
  • Always have your card with you and always know where it is. Never write your PIN on your card or carry the written PIN with you.
  • Keep an eye on your transactions through your online banking account.

Please contact us today if you have any questions at 760-337-4200.