Courtesy Pay

We understand that life happens and sometimes you may overdraw your checking account. In such cases we can honor checks and other electronic means for which there are insufficient funds. This is our Courtesy Pay service. 

Courtesy Pay is given by default at account opening, but all members must give affirmative consent (opt-in) for ATM withdrawal and MasterCard Debit Card transactions. By participating in the program, we may honor overdrafts, including checks, automated debits (ACH), point-of-sale (POS) transactions, MasterCard Debit Card transactions, and ATM withdrawals up to your assigned Courtesy Pay limit.

When an overdraft is covered, the account will be taken negative by the dollar amount of the overdraft plus the amount of the Courtesy Pay fee.

The maximum dollar amount of overdrafts plus the Courtesy Pay fee we will cover for each member varies, based on the assigned system generated Courtesy Pay limit.

When we honor overdraft items, you must deposit funds immediately, but in no case more than forty-five (45) days from the date the account went negative. If you fail to cover the total overdraft amount within forty-five (45) days, we may close your account and pursue all collection options available to it. We may, but are not obligated to, transfer funds from other accounts you have with us to cover the overdraft.

The Courtesy Pay service fee is a flat fee charged regardless of the transaction amount or the amount the account is overdrawn, and will be charged for each overdraft item presented and paid by us. The charge for Courtesy Pay service is stated on the Fee Schedule.

The Courtesy Pay service fee is assessed on your available balance, not your balance.  Your available balance takes into consideration such items as, but not limited to, pending transactions, preauthorization holds, and holds placed on a deposit.

  • For example, your account balance is $500 and gas was pumped which caused a preauthorization hold of $100.  The amount of gas that was pumped was $50.  The available balance is now $350 due to the preauthorization hold of $100 and $50 for the gas that was pumped.  In this scenario, if an item for greater than $350 was presented and we honored it, a fee would be assessed. 

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary privilege offered to members and not a right of membership. We encourage you to properly maintain your accounts with us. You agree we will not be held liable for either paying or refusing to pay any overdraft item. We reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time, without any notice.

If you decide to opt-out of Courtesy Pay, you must inform us by using any one of the following methods: in person; by calling us at (760) 337-4200; or by sending a written notice to Sun Community Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 4210, El Centro, CA 92244-4210.